Casco Viejo

I was in Panama City near the French Embassy. The area is known as Casco Viejo and is undergoing gentrification. I saw this building and the door was unlocked. I snuck inside before my ride left and snapped a bunch of amazing pictures. This building is right on the beach and is falling apart quite nicely. Unfortunately a few days later I was woken up by an armed gunman and lost all of my photos. It looks like I'll need to go back and get some new ones another day.

El Toro Airbase

These pictures were taken prior to the final demolition of the El Toro Airbase to make way for the Great Park in Irvine, Ca. Here are a few gems from that glorious day when I spent 5 hours and a few hundred pictures exploring.

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Rispin Mansion: Part 3 the Finale

This is if you go down and around.

This is a walkway up to a courtyard.

This staircase goes back up to where we started.

This is one of the main walls in the courtyard. I wonder if a statue went there?

Literally twisting my arm through a hole and snapping off some pictures.

Random ditch in the center of the courtyard.

Jill hanging out at the bottom of the stairs.

I really like how nature has taken back this space.
This is from the random building off to the side.

Looking back from the side building to the main mansion.

Some crazy was ballsy enough to hop on the ceiling.
We are back where we started.

This door leads down to a path that will put you right in front of the building. The door is directly across from the Capitola Library.

I really like this space and I would not mind owning it. I'm sure it would cost a pretty penny to fix it up though. Regardless, I can't wait to grab my gear and go inside.