SJC Sewer

This is the Sewer and it's just down the street from the Abandoned Building.

You are going to want to park near the Orange Dot. When I was there it was a gravel parking lot. Now you will see a paved path (that's the Green Line) alongside the pit that leads into the runoff water. Follow that path until you are just about to run into a neighborhood. If you look off to the left side you will see some dirt mounds meant for bmx jumping alongside a sewer run off pipe. The entrance to the sewer is the Red X and that is just where we are going.

This is the Sewer Entrance looking out.
This is looking towards the Sewer. Now you should have your bearings. It's amazing that we are going to go crawling around in there just for some graffiti.
These are shots taken as we walk inside the sewer.

This is about how far we made it until my flash gave out. I wish I had brought a light and a better flash unit.
Epic gas mask dudes.
This guy is my favorite.
Next to this guy.
This is along the concrete walls below the path.
Some concluding thoughts, this is a residential neighborhood so try not to be too conspicuous. We had to walk around for awhile before people stopped watching us. It was a very public place. The graffiti is top notch and I can't wait to come back with better gear. You definitely need to be thin and wearing gear that covers almost all of your body and don't forget your light!

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