SJC Building Part 2

We continue our adventure at the top of the stairs in the room with the fresh paint. Oddly enough this room has a brick floor. I'm also pretty sure whatever was beneath it is no longer accessible.

This is the master piece itself.Once we hopped the chasm this is what remains of the wall.

This is above the ruins of the entryway and at the top of the stairs.If we turn around and look towards the rest of the building we see the remains of the rest of the building and several other rooms. This is the weakest part of the ceiling as you can see it is no longer supported.
This is what greets us in the next room. It is the only full wall in that room.
Next comes a closet.
This is the floor near the center of the 2nd story. It's tremendously stable.
This is the farthest room from the stairs it is directly above the left most room on the bottom floor.
This is another example of how hearty the floor is.
This is the wall facing the way we came in.
This is looking back towards the stairs.

Slowly moving towards the dangerous part of the house.
I'm just risking life and limb to check out how unstable this area is.
Marshall and I heard people on the trail below the house. We figured we better shut up in case anyone wants to come investigate aka screw us over.
A close up of 420.
This is the closest I got to the Danger Pit.
I figured you all should know what this room was for.
It's Spitfire!
We are now heading out of the building. Here's another shot of the mural.
Gorgeous view coupled with a crippled building.
Marshall decides to veer over to the precipice.
This is the stairs. The angel had poop smeared on its face.
As it turns out part of the house was a beehive, so if you're allergic you may want to skip this place.
Here's the exterior parting shot.

This is the shed that smells like urine and bums that is just a few steps away from the building. There was nothing exciting inside. Now onto the sewer...

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