San Juan Capistrano - Building

Here's is how you get to this building. Park anywhere near the A on the map above. Now, trek through the brush and cross the river. You should come across a path, if you follow the path you should eventually come to the building. It is sort of near the big orange X.

This is the building you are looking for. This building screams urban decay. It is falling apart and covered in graffiti.
This is the bottom floor left most room. These guys had some serious fun.
I love this skull.
Marshall checking out the wall.
This is Marshall and his best gang sign.
Nice exterior shot. The plaster is peeling off and there is some tags on the lower part of the building. There's even a message that requests people don't tag the outside of the building to not draw attention.
I think this used to be the kitchen. This building is not safe. There are holes in the wall and floor. You should really tread lightly.
This is just an example.
These are the stairs to the second floor.
This is looking into the kitchen.

There was too much debris (glass, nails, splintered boards) for me to justify walking through there without boots.

This is may have been an entryway at one point. On the left is the kitchen.

This is the closet underneath the stairs.
This is looking up from the closet beneath the stairs. This is the weakest part of the floor upstairs. It was fun to hop over the chasm once we got up there.
At the top of the stairs was this gorgeous fresh paint and Marshall is floored. It could not have been more than a couple days old.
This is the wall adjoining the fresh paint.
To be continued...

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pablo peña said... February 4, 2013 at 6:04 PM

People go there to release their stress and they do so by doing what they love the most" and that is by painting on the walls of this old burned house that once long time ago collapsed so i dont see it bad if they do wat they love ,there i mean better there than outside a store or missions or etc so artists have my vote for them keeping the old house there.

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